Club Rules

General Club Rules

The SMAC is affiliated to the BMFA, and as such uses the BMFA Code and Rules as the basis of our club rules. A copy of the BMFA Code book is available from the BMFA for a small charge.

Members may only fly during the following time periods. Please do not fly outside these times as they are agreed with local residents. 
Models with internal combustion engines between 10:00am and dusk, any day of the week. 
Models classed as Silent Flight (Electric or gliders) are able to fly between 10:00am and dusk, any day of the week.

Guest flyers must hold BMFA insurance to operate from our field. Any one guest should not be invited to visit more than 3 times in any year. More than this and the flyer should become a member of the club. All new members will be assessed by the Club Flying Officer or BMFA Examiner before they are cleared to fly solo – a full briefing of club rules and noise sensitive areas will also be given. If additional instruction is deemed to be necessary then it will be arranged.

Flyers must make themselves aware of the sensitive areas around the field and remain clear of them at all times. Members arriving on the field are asked to note the distance out people are flying and communicate this to the pilots as a way of making people aware where they are actually flying.

SMAC’s field is in flying terms close to Manchester Airport. When light aircraft are approaching please make anyone flying a model aware of that fact.

No more than four models are to be airborne at any one time.

SMAC flies on Odd Numbered frequencies only. We have another all-electric club operating close by on evens. The use of 2.4Ghz is allowed.

All members must use the frequency system provided, and be conscientious about frequency control. The club owns a checker for radio equipment and crystals, members are asked to make use of this facility regularly, especially after crashes, which can affect crystals.

Remember every club member is a safety officer. If you see something you think is unsafe make it known. If you are the one being spoken to about a safety issue, please view the comments with an open mind and treat them constructively.

Junior members (less than 18 years old) must be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian whilst visiting the flying field. This is to comply with the Child Protection Act. Any person having any concerns about the safety of any junior members should contact the Club Secretary.

1) Models flown must be under 9KG unless the holder has a B Certificate then the weight limit is that of the BMFA guidelines.
2) No turbine fixed wing allowed at site unless the pilot holds a valid B Certificate.
3) No petrol engines allowed at site over 60CC capacity.
4) No models of any type to be flown where the noise exceeds the BMFA guidelines of (82 DbA @ 7 metres).
5) FPV flying can be under taken at site but within the guidelines of the BMFA advice only, a safety pilot must be present and all flying within eyesight of the safety pilot.
6) No underage or vulnerable pilots on site without their guardian.
7) No over flying of the pits areas.
8) No over flying of the sports centre.
9) No overflying of the farm or beyond the hedge unless lining up to land.
10) No flying beyond the A34.
11) No flying above 400ft as this infringes airspace and the local lower limit of the CTA is 500ft.
12) No flying in the proximity of full sized aircraft.
13) Aircraft must land if instructed to do so by a committee member.
14) The club safety or flying officer has the right to ground any aircraft thought to be being flown dangerously or thought not to meet minimum safety requirements which can include:

  1. Poor condition or unknown condition RX batteries or main flight batteries.
    b. Machine thought to be too noisy see (4) above.
    c. Machine with inappropriate servos for size of flying surface.
    d. Larger machines with no stand by systems.
    e. Turbine on site with no fire extinguisher present.

Fly safely and have fun!